Auto Title Loans San Diego

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Auto title loans are an easy way to use your vehicles invested value to get cash quickly. Many people choose this type of loan as a alternative to a traditional bank loan. The details below explain how an auto title loan works.

Requirements For An Auto Loan

Usually, all you’ll need for a fast title loan, is a home address, a lien free vehicle that you own, and said vehicle must be in driving condition. The car you plan to use as collateral must be worth at least $3,500. You must also be a resident of the state of California, and have proof of an income source. After signing the documents, you can take your car home and leave the title with the loan company.

What Information Will I Need About My Car?

To get an auto title loan, the following information about your vehicle will be required: Vehicle make, model and year, the current mileage, and the loan amount you are applying for. The vehicle must also not be on lien with the DMV.

What Qualifies As An Income Source?

Full or part time employment, SSI/SSD, Veterans benefits or retirement can be considered for an income source. Proof of these may be required.

How Long Does It Take For Approval?

With all the information in hand, an auto title loan can usually be approved in minutes.

Do I Need To Have Good Credit?

As opposed to a traditional bank loan, your vehicle is used as collateral. This makes an car title loan an ideal choice for those who have less than perfect credit.

Are There Any Additional Requirements For Approval?

You must maintain full insurance on the vehicle. This is a requirement for all car title loan agencies. You cannot be currently undergoing a bankruptcy, unless it has been discharged. You do not have to file anything with the DMV, this is handled by your car title loan agency.

How Is The Loan Paid Back?

Easy payment arrangements can be made to successfully pay off your loan. Quick re-payment will not be penalized, and you pay less interest this way. Payments are usually made monthly. When your loan is paid off, you do receive the title back.

Do You Offer Refinance Services?

Refinance services are offered, and can be used to lower your monthly payments. These are for loans that are currently in good standing.

Car title loans can be a quick way to make emergency cash off the value of your vehicle, when credit cards or a traditional bank loan is not an option.

*Subject to state regulations, eligibility, and approval. See rates & terms. **Car Title Loan Customers can get funds in as little as 30 Minitues. Most customers get funds within 1 business day.